18 Giu

Baby: Hey look, i found a (bunch of) flower(s)!

Mum: Honey, great. I’m so happy for you!

Baby: Can I go take this flower to…

Mum: Of course, dear

Baby: Everybody deserves and needs flowers

Mum: Yeah, darling

Baby: Do you think I should show these flowers to the entire world?

Mum: Mmm…. am not sure

Baby: Or maybe I should show the entire world where flowers are!

Mum: Dear, maybe not

Baby: Shall I tell every every everybody that I know flowers?

Mum: No, my love

Baby: Oh…

Baby: Mum, I learned how to cut flowers very nicely!

Mum: Good, dear

Baby: Shall I open up a flowers shop?

Mum: I guess you’re a bit young for that, dear

Baby: How about opening up a school on how to cut flowers??

Mum: Errr….

My beloved one, you found out about flowers, and that is really awesome. It is all the more awesome that you noticed how flowers can change everybody’s day, sometimes a lot. Please remember to always bring a flower with you and look at it yourselves, and if you feel it, share it. I love it that you love flowers, and if you’ll go around your entire life learning about flowers, I’ll totally support that. But now please, it’s time to go to school and do what you were meant to be doing, ok?



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