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Do not identify

22 Mar

Today I noticed an interesting detail. While involved in driving, I remembered a wise suggestion: don’t take things personally. If someone cuts your lane, don’t even believe for a second “what did you do to *me*?”. Whoever did that, he didn’t do it to you, a) because most likely that’s what that driver does, he might do it often and at whomever, b) because there is no such thing as a you or a him in the first place (if you really investigate).
Fine. But the interesting appendix to this suggestion was: do not identify with everybody, either. Yes, because the a) statement, above, tends also to generate a famous “he shouldn’t do it. period”. That particular reaction generates a “protect the world” reaction, more often than not manifested in lots of wise, serious, maybe angry thoughts. Is it better than the range of thoughts belonging to the series “he did it to me”? Not much better, honestly. It triggers mind boggling and ego exactly in the same way. Maybe potential damages from the you driver might be less serious: after all if my identity gets challenged the little me can get very serious about it, while if it is the “us” that gets affected we tend to be less prone to start a war. Still, the old paradigm of separation IS reinforced, even in the second case. And the ego is reinforced even more, because it’s rambling for a good cause.
Hey, what should I do? Should I let everybody do anything? Check: which wars did you fight for much more serious world issues, lately? Are you sure that’s a valuable excuse to lose your inner peace? Breathe, just breathe consciously. Also this shall pass. It is actually already gone, or maybe it didn’t even happen in the first place, and “life is but a dream”.


If you notice it and feel it through it stops right here…

16 Mar

…and it takes you to the formless

Have you ever noticed how emotions, once sparked, tend to stick around? Especially negative ones.
Today I have noticed this fenomenon and investigated it more thouroughly than in the past, and noticed something interesting: I had a strange anger, that I could not exactly connect to a particular event. I mean, there was something, but the detail was that the same happening would have meant nothing in many other occasions, and yet I was a bit angry and resentful. By sitting with it, I could see how that particular anger was actually causeless in itself, got lightened by that particular spark, and was going around myself a bit more.
So I just sat with it. And it got transformed in some other energy, much more enjoyable, in pure fuel. Something must have been watching more carefully, because I also noticed how that initial energy, in itself not particularly pleasant (especially because it was drawing me to be a little aggressive and grumpy), disappeared. It was actually transformed, as I just described, but the bad taste of it dissolved.
The attention that watched the fenomenon has stuck around further, for it became apparent that by feeling it through in the body, by breathing it all in, I got rid of that annoying stickiness that tends to come with negative emotions. At that point somehow I knew that -on a much larger scale- the reason why powerful emotional states keep churning us for so long can be related exactly to the lack of willingness to face them.
In short what we do seems to be: posponing. Just as when we were kids we would pospone an annoying homework, and beg mummy to let us play a bit further, today we pospone facing what comes up. And whatever comes up, just like a little kid, keeps pulling our trousers and skirts until we dedicate our full attention to it. And just like those little kids, as soon as we sit down and look at them in the eye, asking gently “what is it love?” and taking the time to relate to it, to make sure they are fine, they end up -how obviously- being just perfect.
A fairly amazing side effect? That “being perfect” happens to mean that you have been taken to the formless. Where cause and effect do not exist, time does not exist, and everything IS perfect as it is. Even that annoying emotion or emotional state becomes perfect, because it was the rope that pulled us here. I found myself pretty grateful to it.

Thanks, Christine Wushke ( )

Dea dell’Amore

8 Mar

Quante volte ti ho persa
Dea dell’Amore
Quante volte ti ho ritrovata

Quante volte sono morto di dolore per te
sono morto

Quante volte sono rinato incontrandoti

Mai nata, mai morta
Mai persa, mai ritrovata

Già persa
Già ritrovata

Sei dentro di me
In ogni cosa
Sei me

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