Monsoon Love

18 Dic

Real love is a monsoon. Rain is beautiful, and nourishes mother earth too, but a monsoon is a different story. Earth makes love with the sky. So much water everywhere, you might lose track where it comes from. And everything flourishes in a wealth of abundance. Neither the earth nor the sky can remain the same, neither can be unaffected, it is life changing.

Total surrender from the earth, that receives everything that falls on her, total surrender from the sky, which delivers mother earth everything it has. They become one.

Rain is nice, nourishing, comfortably safe, but mother earth is still left thirsty, and the sky is holding back. Nothing changes, they look at each other from far away.

Can rain turn into a monsoon? Possibly. It might take time, but mother earth and the sky could get closer and closer until they merge. Deep down, they know. They need to be willing to yeld anything of themselves, for again, nothing will remain the same.

Enjoy the rain, see if it can become a monsoon, stay awake, be utterly honest.

Stay away from showers…. you’ll want to get out soon, or the warm water will finish, and you’ll be left dry.



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